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  Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Provider Manuals (more than 150 available) List

Provider Manuals (more than 150 available)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Release Date 
Adult Protective Services Targeted Case ManagementPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS581.604/01/2021 
Adults with Aids Targeted Case ManagementPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS621.504/01/2021 
Advanced Nurse Practitioner ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS2237.204/01/2021 
Ambulatory Surgical and Birthing Center ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS789.904/01/2021 
At Risk of Incarceration Targeted Case ManagementPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS510.704/01/2021 
Autism Spectrum Disorder ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1492.604/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Adult Day Health ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS614.204/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Alternative Living ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS796.504/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Emergency Response ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS227.504/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE General ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS3725.204/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Home Delivered MealsPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS403.404/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Home Delivered ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS23404/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Out of Home RespitePDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS471.204/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Personal Support ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS543.304/01/2021 
CCSP and SOURCE Skilled Nursing Services by Private Home Care ProvidersPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS24304/01/2021 
CCSP Case ManagementPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS2652.204/01/2021 
CCSP Case Management DocumentsPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS9904/01/2021 
Childbirth Education ProgramPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1072.704/01/2021 
Children's Intervention School ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS954.704/01/2021 
Children's Intervention ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS265204/01/2021 
Community Based Alternatives for YouthPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS790.610/01/2020 
Community Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services PDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS2247.404/01/2021 
Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program and New Options Waiver ProgramPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS2943.704/01/2021 
Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program Chapters 1300-3600PDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1657.904/01/2021 
Dental ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1171.504/01/2021 
Diagnostic Screening and Preventive ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1064.104/01/2021 
Dialysis ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS127304/01/2021 
Durable Medical EquipmentPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS3950.104/01/2021 
Early Intervention Case ManagementPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS82304/01/2021 
Emergency AmbulancePDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS998.904/01/2021 
EPSDT Services - Health Check Program ManualPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS5007.304/01/2021 
Exceptional Transportation ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS4242.304/01/2021 
Family Planning ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1172.404/01/2021 
Federally Qualified Health Center Services (FQHC) and Rural Health Clinic Services (RHC)PDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1203.204/01/2021 
Home Health ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1234.804/01/2021 
Hospice ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1440.504/01/2021 
Hospital Presumptive Eligibility ManualPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS15743.904/01/2021 
Hospital ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS3737.204/01/2021 
Independent Care Waiver Services PDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS3718.904/01/2021 
Independent Care Waiver Services ALSPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1627.404/01/2021 
Independent Lab ServicesPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1053.604/01/2021 
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System User's GuidePDFALL CATEGORIES1015.101/24/2012 
Katie Beckett Deeming WaiverPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1536.104/01/2021 
Medicaid Secondary Claims User GuidePDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1037.204/01/2021 
MMS Training - PA Frequently Asked QuestionsPDFALL CATEGORIES3710/18/2010 
New Options Waiver ProgramPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1566.204/01/2021 
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)PDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS1309.204/01/2021 
Nurse Aide Program Provider/CNA - User ManualPDFWEB PORTAL MANUALS526.110/18/2010 
Nurse Aide Training Program ManualPDFCURRENT POLICY MANUALS155404/01/2021 
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