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Web Portal HFRD Application Tracking Search
The HFRD application tracking search panel provides applicants the ability to search for and view the status of their HFRD application(s). This search criteria is provided to the applicant upon successfully saving an HFRD application and a save was successful message appears, including a notation that the name and LTN should be kept for future reference.

Navigation Path: [HFRD] - [HFRD Application Status]
Field Descriptions:
clearThis button clears the search criteria fields.
searchThis button is used to initiate the search.
Business NameDisplays the name of the business associated with the HFRD application.
Facility IDDisplays the facility identification number assigned by HFRD.
LTNDisplays the License Tracking Number (LTN), which uniquely identifies an HFRD application.
FieldError MessageTo Correct
The combinations of [LTN and Business Name] or [LTN and Facility ID] is required.Enter the LTN and Business Name or LTN and Facility.