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Provider Contract Status Search - Search
The provider contract status search panel allows users to search for and view provider contract statuses. The search results panel will display a list of provider details found based on the search criteria. This list contains summary information about the provider, for which the user can view in detail by clicking the row on the search results panel.

Minimum search combinations include ATN and Provider Name or Provider ID.

Navigation Path: [Provider Enrollment] - [Provider Contract Status]
Field Descriptions:
clearThis button clears the search criteria fields.
searchThis button is used to initiate the search.
ATNDisplays the application tracking number by which to search.
Provider IDDisplays the provider ID by which to search. Users may search by Georgia Medicaid ID, REF ID or NPI (National Provider Identifier).
Provider NameDisplays the provider name on the application by which to search.
FieldError MessageTo Correct
Provider Name and ATN are required to search for provider.Enter both the provider name and ATN.