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  Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Thank you for visiting the MHN Portal, a product of the Georgia Health Partnership (GHP). The GHP is dedicated to providing users with various types of information from the Department of Community Health and other medical agencies. It is our intent that all users receive easy and efficient access to our web site. Accordingly, we have adhered to the Priority 1 requirements established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Accessibility Initiative and validated by Bobby Worldwide 4.0.

If you have difficulty accessing the information on our site, please contact the Customer Interaction Center at (800) 766-4456 or click the Contact Us feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page. If you email us, please include your contact information, the nature of your problem, the format with which you receive the information on our site and the web address of the pages giving you problems.

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Most visitors will be able to view the MHN Portal using the most popular browsers. In an effort to serve the needs of all who visit our web site, we continue to make content accessible for persons using special assistive technology.

  • Text descriptions for images
    When the mouse pointer or pointer alternative moves over an image, a small window pops up to give you a description of the image. This description is also provided to visitors who are using screen readers to access information on the page.
  • Style sheets for page format
    Content on this site are designed using cascading style sheets. This allows visitors to disable the formatting provided and apply their own formatting if they choose. Style sheets are disabled within an Internet browser's settings or preferences options. People with a slight visual impairment who need a larger font size to read comfortably will find this feature useful.
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    Direct links to main sections of each page are provided for those using Screen Readers.
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