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  Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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(click to hide) Alert Message posted 4/15/2015
Attention Payees Receiving ERAs.
Important: Providers enrolled for Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) must activate their Payee Provider Web Portal PINs that they received in the mail.

ERAs are generated using the PAYEE Provider ID; therefore, if you wish to delegate these 835 ERAs so that your clearinghouse/software vendor/billing agent can access these on your behalf, you must provide them access to your file downloads.

Contact your clearinghouse/software vendor/billing agent to get the email address and username that you should grant access to, then follow the instructions in the "Web Portal User Account Management Guide" found on the Provider Manuals page. Refer to section 3.2 titled, "Providers or Trading Partners Delegating Access to a Billing Agent or Trading Partner Account" for detailed instructions.

You will need to grant the "Trade Files Download" role for a user to have access to your 835 ERA file.

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Software and Manuals

The Software and Manuals page provides users with the ability to download and view helpful guides related to EDI-supported applications.

Accessing the PES Software

The Provider Electronic Solutions (PES) software is free and includes the ability to submit batch claim files through the secure Web Portal. If you choose to use PES, we encourage you to review the PES User Guide carefully prior to installing the software.

  • PES Installation and Documentation - The full install of Gainwell Technologies' PES, as well as its user guide, is available for download below. Please review the hardware requirements prior to installing the application. If you require a CD to install PES, please contact EDI Services at (877) 261-8785 or locally at (770) 325-9590. The PES User Guide provides detailed instructions for installation and initial configuration of PES. Warning: Running the full installation for PES will overwrite your database file.
  • Backing Up the PES Software - To make a quick backup of your database file, copy the file: C:\GAhipaa\ganewecs.mdb and save it by pasting it in the same folder. This will automatically create a numbered backup; for example, the second backup will be C:\GAhipaa\Copy (2) of ganewecs.mdb. Alternatively, you can save the .mdb file to another folder and manage the name/number yourself.
  • Upgrades to PES - Upgrades to PES ensure that the application is up-to-date with current Georgia Medicaid policies and HIPAA standards. New features are periodically made available to improve the quality of the product. Please monitor this site, or communications sent from Gainwell Technologies to identify when an upgrade is available. Do not "open" the upgrade file. Instead, save it to the following location on your hard drive: C:\GAhipaa\upgrades. Select Upgrade from the Windows menu by clicking START, then click All Programs, click GA Gainwell Technologies Provider Electronic Solutions, then click Upgrade.

Accessing the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Site

Authorized submitters who have successfully completed the SFTP Setup Request form and the EDI Trading Partner Agreement will receive notification by e-mail within 5-7 business days once they have been configured for SFTP access. Users will need to access the site using their SFTP credentials received in their SFTP Welcome E-mail. Additional Information about how to access the SFTP site is available in the SFTP Setup & Data Transfer Requirements guide below.

PDF Reader Required
NOTE: If you don't have a PDF reader already installed, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents. Click here to obtain the latest version of the free Adobe Reader.
File Download Issues
Some users may have difficulty downloading files. Often this is caused by pop-up windows being blocked or by security settings in the browser. Click here for help with download issues.

Software (6 rows returned) List

Software (6 rows returned)

 TitleFile TypeSize (KB)Release Date 
PES Full Install (Version 1.03) - ICD10EXE10955.105/01/2014 
PES Full Install (Version 1.04)EXE13101.407/01/2016 
PES Full Install (Version 1.05)EXE12980.206/22/2017 
PES Upgrade (upgrade version 1.03) - ICD10ZIP6825.405/01/2014 
PES Upgrade (upgrade version 1.04)ZIP8971.607/01/2016 
PES Upgrade (upgrade version 1.05)ZIP8869.506/22/2017 

Software Manuals (3 rows returned) List

Software Manuals (3 rows returned)

 TitleFile TypeSize (KB)Release Date 
Georgia Ramp Manager User Guide v5.0PDF611.311/05/2020 
Provider Electronic Solutions (PES) User Guide v4.1PDF3294.506/22/2017 
SFTP Setup & Data Transfer Requirements v5.0PDF508.711/05/2020 
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