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  Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Provider Revalidation Past Due
This report identifies provider service locations that have been notified to revalidate with Georgia Medicaid but have exceeded their revalidation due date. If your service location is listed on the report, please submit a revalidation application through the secure GAMMIS Web Portal as the service location listed. For more information, please refer to the Revalidation FAQ on the FAQ for Providers page.


Third Party Liability Carrier Listing
This report is furnished for providers to use when Medicaid members have other insurance that should process a claim before Medicaid processes.

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Provider Reports (20 rows returned) List

Provider Reports (20 rows returned)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Run Date 
09-18-2020 - PRV-0445-W - FFS OPR PROVIDER LISTING 20200919000536.pdfPDFFFS/OPR38687.709/18/2020 
09-18-2020 - PRV-0446-W - OPR ONLY PROVIDER LISTING 20200919000507.pdfPDFFFS/OPR1966.609/18/2020 
09-05-2020 - TPL-0021-M - CARRIER MASTER FILE - ALPHA 20200905123324.pdfPDFTPL CARRIERS1681.409/05/2020 
09-05-2020 - TPL-0022-M - CARRIER MASTER FILE - NUMERIC 20200905123328.pdfPDFTPL CARRIERS1704.509/05/2020 
09-04-2020 - PRV-0445-W - FFS OPR PROVIDER LISTING 20200905000518.pdfPDFFFS/OPR38405.909/04/2020 
09-04-2020 - PRV-0446-W - OPR ONLY PROVIDER LISTING 20200905000500.pdfPDFFFS/OPR1943.609/04/2020 
09-02-2020 - PRV-8320-Q - PUBLIC PROVIDER REVALIDATION PAST DUE 20200902063134.pdfPDFREVALIDATION PAST DUE7797.609/02/2020 
08-21-2020 - PRV-0445-W - FFS OPR PROVIDER LISTING 20200822000622.pdfPDFFFS/OPR38188.808/21/2020 
08-21-2020 - PRV-0446-W - OPR ONLY PROVIDER LISTING 20200822000607.pdfPDFFFS/OPR1939.608/21/2020 
08-08-2020 - TPL-0021-M - CARRIER MASTER FILE - ALPHA 20200808163844.pdfPDFTPL CARRIERS1678.408/08/2020 
08-08-2020 - TPL-0022-M - CARRIER MASTER FILE - NUMERIC 20200808163906.pdfPDFTPL CARRIERS1704.108/08/2020 
08-02-2020 - PRV-8320-Q - PUBLIC PROVIDER REVALIDATION PAST DUE 20200802080036.pdfPDFREVALIDATION PAST DUE7828.508/02/2020 
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