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  Friday, May 27, 2022
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Fee Schedules (30 rows returned) List

Fee Schedules (30 rows returned)

 TitleFile TypeSize (KB)Release Date 
Anesthesia & Base Units - Part II Schedule of Maximum Allowable PaymentPDF368.604/01/2022 
Anesthesia CPT & Base Units - PDFPDF120.604/01/2022 
Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule - ExcelXLSX72.404/01/2022 
Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule - PDFPDF586.904/01/2022 
Lab Max Allowable - Fee SchedulePDF686.504/01/2022 
Orthotic and Prosthetic Fee Schedule - ExcelXLSX88.704/01/2022 
Orthotic and Prosthetic Fee Schedule - PDFPDF76104/01/2022 
Outpatient - Site of Service - Maximum Allowable PaymentPDF32304/01/2022 
Physician Fee Schedule - PDFPDF2292.604/01/2022 
Portable X-Rays and CT Scans Fee Schedule - PDFPDF141.404/01/2022 
Provider's Administered Drug List - COVID 19 - PDFPDF21304/01/2022 
Provider's Administered Drug List - COVID-19 - ExcelXLSX83.304/01/2022 
Provider's Administered Drug List - PDFPDF539.904/01/2022 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 1st Quarter 2022ZIP3795.704/01/2022 
Anesthesia CPT & Base Units - ExcelXLSX18.901/01/2022 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 4th Quarter 2021ZIP390101/01/2022 
Physician Fee Schedule - ExcelXLSX316.510/01/2021 
Portable X-Rays and CT Scans Fee Schedule - ExcelXLSX1510/01/2021 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 3rd Quarter 2021ZIP5312.610/01/2021 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 2nd Quarter 2021ZIP4968.207/01/2021 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 1st Quarter 2019 ZIP3974.304/01/2019 
Zipped Medicaid Policy Manuals 2019 - 2nd Quarter - Fee SchedulesZIP3580.104/01/2019 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 2018ZIP17250.612/31/2018 
House Bill 44 PCP Rate IncreasePDF520.401/01/2018 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 2017ZIP1190801/01/2018 
House Bill 751 PCP Rate Increase - July 2016PDF199.407/01/2016 
House Bill 76 PCP Rate Increase - July 2015PDF26807/01/2015 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 2014 thru 2016ZIP19031.412/31/2014 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 2010 thru 2013 ExcelZIP4451.608/26/2013 
Zipped Fee Schedules - 2010 thru 2013 PDFZIP14844.608/26/2013 
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