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  Monday, December 10, 2018
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Provider Notices (more than 150 available) List

Provider Notices (more than 150 available)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Release Date 
Presentation - ICWP New BillerPDFSESSION MATERIALS2666.211/29/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Administered Drug ListPDFMEDICAID FAIRS777.811/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Alliant Health - Prior-Authorization and AppealsPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2943.411/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Behavioral HealthPDFMEDICAID FAIRS179911/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Billing 101PDFMEDICAID FAIRS299611/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - CareSource CMO PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1549.511/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - CMO BreakoutPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3797.411/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Common DenialsPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2204.111/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Division of Family and Children ServicesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS7339.511/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Durable Medical Equipment Orthotic & Prosthetic ServicesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS766.711/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)PDFMEDICAID FAIRS1375.211/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - EPSDT Health Check ServicesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1474.111/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Georgia Clinical Quality MeasuresPDFMEDICAID FAIRS760.411/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Georgia's Public Health RegistriesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2564.711/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - HospicePDFMEDICAID FAIRS1733.311/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Medicaid and Administrative Simplification UpdatePDFMEDICAID FAIRS1042.311/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - PeachState CMO PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS295.811/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Physician/Mid-Level and Hospital ForumPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3174.911/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Promoting Interoperability ProgramPDFMEDICAID FAIRS446.711/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Provider Appeal ProcessPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2527.811/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - TPL Quarterly DMA-710PDFMEDICAID FAIRS67811/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - TPL Recoupments PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS74811/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Wavier EnrollmentPDFMEDICAID FAIRS55211/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Web Portal NavigationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3262.211/07/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 - Wellcare CMO PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS842.611/07/2018 
Presentation - Waiver EnrollmentPDFSESSION MATERIALS590.610/22/2018 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - October 2018PDFNURSE AIDE601.410/01/2018 
Presentation - Independent Laboratory - October 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS1329.110/01/2018 
Presentation - Pediatric Hospice Care PDFSESSION MATERIALS3078.909/28/2018 
Planning for Health Babies PostcardPDFALL CATEGORIES516.309/25/2018 
Presentation - Nursing Facility - September 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS220809/10/2018 
Edit 2017 Bypass Logic for Neonate ClaimsPDFALL CATEGORIES21.108/08/2018 
Presentation - Physician and Mid-Level Forum - August 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS738.908/06/2018 
Presentation - Common Denials Workshop - July 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS1292.507/30/2018 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - July 2018PDFNURSE AIDE594.107/01/2018 
Fee-For-Service (FFS) Inpatient Billing Instructions for Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) DevicesPDFALL CATEGORIES93.806/01/2018 
Fee-For-Service (FFS) Non-Inpatient Billing Instructions for Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) DevicesPDFALL CATEGORIES86.606/01/2018 
Presentation - Hospice Services Webinar - July 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS1155.506/01/2018 
Presentation - New Biller/Remittance Advice - June 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS2587.906/01/2018 
Presentation - Web Portal Navigation - May 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS6851.105/30/2018 
Provider Instructions for DMA-520A Medical Claims Provider Inquiries/Appeals RequestsPDFALL CATEGORIES463.905/18/2018 
Presentation - Common Denials & Helpful Billing Tips for Waiver ProgramsPDFSESSION MATERIALS100005/03/2018 
Medicaid Fair April 2018: Specialized Behavioral Health TrackPDFMEDICAID FAIRS94.804/24/2018 
DFCS ABD Medicaid Customer Service Contacts per DistrictPDFALL CATEGORIES139.204/18/2018 
DFCS Regions OFI DistrictsPDFALL CATEGORIES243.904/18/2018 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - April 2018PDFNURSE AIDE533.904/04/2018 
Medicaid Fair April 2018 PresentationsZIPMEDICAID FAIRS2692504/01/2018 
GAPP New BillerPDFSESSION MATERIALS2466.803/02/2018 
Presentation - Hospital Workshop - March 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS939.203/01/2018 
Presentation - DME/OP Programs - Febraury 2018PDFSESSION MATERIALS1179.902/02/2018 
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