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  Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Provider Notices (more than 150 available) List

Provider Notices (more than 150 available)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Release Date 
Fall Medicaid Fair November 8th in Athens. Register now! PDFMEDICAID FAIRS72.609/15/2017 
Georgia Families Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - CombinedPDFALL CATEGORIES594.809/06/2017 
Georgia Families Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - MembersPDFALL CATEGORIES446.509/06/2017 
Georgia Families Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - ProvidersPDFALL CATEGORIES462.809/06/2017 
REMINDER Georgia Medicaid CMO Choice Change Period Ending Soon!PDFALL CATEGORIES139.209/06/2017 
Presentation - Nursing Facility Workshop - September 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS1386.809/01/2017 
Presentation - Physician and Mid-Level Forum - August 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS950.108/09/2017 
Upcoming Changes to Member Eligibility InquiriesPDFALL CATEGORIES12.208/01/2017 
Georgia Families Go-Live Quick Reference Guide - PharmacyPDFALL CATEGORIES336.407/18/2017 
Presentation - New Biller - July 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS2366.207/13/2017 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - July 2017PDFNURSE AIDE525.207/07/2017 
Georgia Families Go-Live Quick Reference Guide - ProvidersPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS308.906/30/2017 
Presentation - Remittance Advice - June 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS1731.106/01/2017 
GA Medicaid Public Forum and Meet & Greet - SavannahPDFTRAINING SCHEDULES266.605/17/2017 
Upcoming June GA Medicaid Meet & GreetsPDFTRAINING SCHEDULES408.905/17/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Georgia Gateway PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS258.305/15/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS916.305/15/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Long-Term Care Unit PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS708.305/15/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Physician and Mid-Level Forum PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS982.505/15/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Audit Preparedness PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS229.105/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Behavioral Health PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS33605/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Centralized Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS185.705/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Claims Viewer PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS916.305/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Common Denials PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS82605/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - EPSDT, Children's Intervention and Autism Services PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS556.605/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Georgia Families 360 PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS483.505/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Georgia Medicaid Waiver Programs PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS506.905/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Georiga Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS534.205/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Hospital Services PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1202.505/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Meaningful Use PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS254.305/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Medicaid Billing 101/Remittance Advice PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS823.805/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Medicaid Claims Appeals/DMA-520A PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS998.205/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Medicaid Waivers Updates PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS41605/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Nursing Facility PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS792.705/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Overview of Care Management Organizations (CMOs)PDFMEDICAID FAIRS38.505/03/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Provider Appeal Process PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1584.705/03/2017 
Presentation - Emergency Ambulance Transportation - April 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS584.204/26/2017 
Presentation - Non Emergency Medical Transportation - April 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS577.204/26/2017 
FAQ - Basic Web Portal Functionality and AccessPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS281.604/19/2017 
Presentation - Web Portal Navigation - April 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS7198.704/19/2017 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - April 2017PDFNURSE AIDE521.404/17/2017 
Presentation - Hospice Billing Updates - April 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS519.504/14/2017 
COS 440 Crossover Claims TrainingPDFALL CATEGORIES599.303/27/2017 
Georgia Medicaid Spring Fair- May 2nd in Atlanta - Register nowPDFMEDICAID FAIRS276.503/22/2017 
COMP Rate Increase Table for BannerPDFALL CATEGORIES28903/17/2017 
Presentation - Hospital Services - March 2017PDFSESSION MATERIALS1481.103/15/2017 
FAQs - Behavioral Health Department of Community Health (DCH) Centralized Prior Authorization (PA) Portal PDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS387.503/13/2017 
Medicaid Fair May 2017 - Save the DatePDFMEDICAID FAIRS34.903/02/2017 
Presumptive Eligibility Medicaid 2017 Federal Poverty Level Income Limits for QHPDFALL CATEGORIES1802/22/2017 
Presumptive Eligibility Medicaid 2017 Federal Poverty Level Income Limits for QPPDFALL CATEGORIES34.402/22/2017 
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