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  Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Provider Notices (more than 150 available) List

Provider Notices (more than 150 available)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Release Date 
Fingerprint Instructions for High Risk Providers - How to Register Applicants For Fingerprinting Using 3M CogentPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS99.8008/14/2015 
Presentation - CVOPDFALL CATEGORIES4315.1008/11/2015 
Physician Services Presentation August 2015PDFALL CATEGORIES2887.1008/03/2015 
Providers Who Have Not Submitted a Revalidation Application With a Deadline of 11/01/2014-01/31/2015XLSXALL CATEGORIES378.3008/03/2015 
Centralized Prior Authorization Process for Medicaid Providers ? Phase IIPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS298.5007/29/2015 
Nurse Aide Adverse Finding Quarterly Letter July 2015 PDFNURSE AIDE82.5007/29/2015 
Fingerprint Instructions for High Risk Providers - How to Enroll Your Agency Using 3M CogentPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS1006.2007/23/2015 
DCH Launches Centralized Prior Authorization PortalPDFALL CATEGORIES37.8007/22/2015 
FAQ - Fingerprinting High Risk Providers PDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS99.8007/22/2015 
FAQ - Georgia Centralized Credentialing PDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS358.8007/21/2015 
FAQ - Paperless Medicaid PDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS288.4007/21/2015 
Provider Enrollment Guide PDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS1946.8007/21/2015 
Nurse Aide Adverse Finding Quarterly Report July 2015 PDFNURSE AIDE185.5007/17/2015 
Web Portal Presentation JulyPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2808.6007/08/2015 
ICD-10 Presentation June 2015PDFALL CATEGORIES1577.1006/18/2015 
Providers Who Have Not Submitted a Revalidation Application With a Deadline of 6/01/2014-10/01/2014XLSXALL CATEGORIES159.9005/19/2015 
Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids UpdatePDFMEDICAID FAIRS690.9005/13/2015 
Amerigroup Community Care Medicaid 07-05-2015 193555.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2020.8005/07/2015 
CMO PA Presentation Medicaid Provider 07-05-2015 193555.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2188.3005/07/2015 
Crossoverclaims paperless initiative 07-05-2015 193558.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS298505/07/2015 
Electronic Claims Billing Webinar Paperless Initiative Medicaid Fair 2015 07-05-2015 193558.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2639.4005/07/2015 
FQHC RHC Presentation 07-05-2015 193559.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS794.1005/07/2015 
Georgia Division of Family and Children Services Presentation 07-05-2015 193559.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS548.4005/07/2015 
ICD10 Powerpoint Presentation 07-05-2015 193559.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS296.5005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 AIU Presentation 07-05-2015 193600.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2663.4005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 Dental Presentation 07-05-2015 193600.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS642.3005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 DFCS Presentation 07-05-2015 193600.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS51105/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 EHR MU Reporting Presentation 07-05-2015 193601.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3654.2005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 Forms Presentation 07-05-2015 193602.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS4733.9005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 Hospital Presentation 07-05-2015 193605.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS4933.5005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 New Biller Presentation 07-05-2015 193606.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS4407.2005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 Physician Services Presentation 07-05-2015 193606.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3408.5005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 Remittance Advice Presentation 07-05-2015 193607.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3981.5005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 Waiver Program Presentation 07-05-2015 193608.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS387.4005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 2015 Web Portal Presentation 07-05-2015 193608.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2642.6005/07/2015 
Medicaid Fair Presentation Member Eligibility May 2015 l 07-05-2015 193609.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS487.3005/07/2015 
Peach State Health Plan 07-05-2015 193609.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2114.4005/07/2015 
Vision Presentation 2015 07-05-2015 193609.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS99905/07/2015 
WellCare Medicaid Fair Presentation May 2015 07-05-2015 193610.pdfPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2059.6005/07/2015 
Inpatient Part B Only Webinar Presentation PDFMEDICAID FAIRS3696.2005/05/2015 
Adverse Findings Letter and Report AprilPDFNURSE AIDE1225.7004/22/2015 
FAQ - Medicaid Provider App FeesPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS93.4004/09/2015 
Hospice Presentation PDFALL CATEGORIES1421.2004/09/2015 
Medicaid Fair May 6 2015 Save The Date Letter PDFMEDICAID FAIRS89.1003/03/2015 
Health Check Presentation 2015 PDFALL CATEGORIES2355.4003/02/2015 
Third Party Liability PresentationPDFALL CATEGORIES1661.2003/02/2015 
Crossover Presentation PDFALL CATEGORIES3881.6002/27/2015 
Electronic Claims Billing on the GAMMIS Web Portal PresentationPDFALL CATEGORIES1518.2002/27/2015 
Electronic Provider Enrollment Presentation PDFALL CATEGORIES1251.2002/27/2015 
COMP Rate increase table for bannerPDFALL CATEGORIES116.9001/29/2015 
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