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  Friday, October 21, 2016
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Provider Notices (more than 150 available) List

Provider Notices (more than 150 available)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Release Date 
Adverse Findings Letter and ReportPDFALL CATEGORIES573.6010/11/2016 
Presentation - DentalPDFALL CATEGORIES1198.3010/01/2016 
Presentation - Hospice Billing UpdatesPDFALL CATEGORIES489.7009/29/2016 
Providers Who Failed to Revalidate with a deadline date of 8/01/2015 through 12/31/2015- UpdateXLSXALL CATEGORIES73.3009/26/2016 
CVO Professional Liability Insurance PolicyPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS121.7009/21/2016 
Georgia Medicaid Fair Fall Invitation November 3, 2016PDFMEDICAID FAIRS105.9009/19/2016 
Fall Georgia Medicaid Fair November 3, 2016PDFMEDICAID FAIRS126.7009/08/2016 
Presentation - HospitalPDFALL CATEGORIES2140.5009/01/2016 
Presentation - Physician and Mid - Level ForumPDFALL CATEGORIES908.2008/01/2016 
ICD 10 Unspecified Diagnosis Codes Set to Deny in GAMMISXLSXALL CATEGORIES508.4007/15/2016 
HB 751 PCP Rate Increases and Differential Fee Schedules for office vs Non office Based RatesPDFALL CATEGORIES336.9007/13/2016 
Adverse Findings Letter and ReportPDFALL CATEGORIES512.1007/12/2016 
Presentation - Web Portal NavigationPDFALL CATEGORIES4251.4007/12/2016 
Presentation - Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Orthotic & Prosthetic Services (O&P)PDFALL CATEGORIES637.7006/01/2016 
Presentation - CVO Fee For Service PDFALL CATEGORIES1305.3005/25/2016 
CCSP Transfer Provider FAQPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS293.5005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - AIU - EHR Incentive Program PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS410.9005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Appeal Process PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1097.4005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Biller 101 PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS4414.9005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Centralized Credentialing Organization, Opening Session PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS437.7005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - CMO - Amerigroup PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS942.1005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - CMO - Peach State Health Plan PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2724.8005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - CMO - WellCare PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3160.8005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Common Denials PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1960.9005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Crossover Claim Submission PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2200.1005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - DCH Medicaid Update, Opening Session PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS362.4005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Dental PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS752.2005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Georgia Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS731.8005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3666.9005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - GMCF Centralized PA Portal PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2099.3005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Hospital PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1322.9005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - HPE Opening Session PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS287.4005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Meaningful Use - EHR Incentive PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS392.1005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Member Eligibility PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3306.2005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Nursing Facility PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS623.5005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Physician and Mid-Level Forum PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS94105/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Provider Enrollment PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2811.3005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Remittance Advice PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1614.8005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Waiver Programs PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS282.5005/04/2016 
Medicaid Fair May 2016 - Web Portal Navigation PresentationPDFMEDICAID FAIRS4021.3005/04/2016 
FAQ - Fingerprinting of High Risk ProvidersPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS100.2004/26/2016 
Adverse Findings Letter and ReportPDFALL CATEGORIES502.3004/07/2016 
Presentation - Children's Intervention Services (CIS) Program 2016PDFALL CATEGORIES1069.2004/01/2016 
FAQ - Fingerprinting Instructions for High Risk Medicaid Providers on How to become a Requesting Agency (Step 1) Using 3MCogentPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS470.8003/31/2016 
FAQ - Fingerprinting Instructions for High Risk Providers (Step 2) Using 3MCogentPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS912.7003/31/2016 
Spring Georgia Medicaid Fair - May 4, 2016PDFMEDICAID FAIRS104.5003/30/2016 
Presentation - Waiver 2016PDFALL CATEGORIES983.1003/01/2016 
Presentation - New Biller 2016PDFALL CATEGORIES383502/29/2016 
Providers Who Have Not Submitted a Revalidation Application With a Deadline of 02/01/2015-07/31/2015XLSXALL CATEGORIES304.8002/29/2016 
NCCI/MUE Reprocessing Webinar for Psychology ProvidersPDFALL CATEGORIES266.4002/25/2016 
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