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  Sunday, October 13, 2019
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Provider Notices (more than 150 available) List

Provider Notices (more than 150 available)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Release Date 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter & Quarterly Report - October 2019PDFNURSE AIDE69110/01/2019 
Presentation - HospitalPDFSESSION MATERIALS1619.409/09/2019 
FAQs - HospicePDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS140.409/01/2019 
Hospice Eligibility - Flow Chart ProcessPDFSESSION MATERIALS404.708/29/2019 
Presentation - Hospice Eligibility PDFSESSION MATERIALS150808/29/2019 
Presentation - ICWP New BillerPDFSESSION MATERIALS2631.208/21/2019 
GAPP New BillerPDFSESSION MATERIALS2617.207/29/2019 
FAQs for the Expansion of CISS School Nursing ServicesPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS416.407/24/2019 
Provider Enrollment Template Manager - Quick GuidePDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS173.807/23/2019 
Presentation - Medicaid Common DenialsPDFSESSION MATERIALS2119.307/17/2019 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Finding Letter & ReportPDFALL CATEGORIES678.907/08/2019 
Helpful Provider Enrollment TipsPDFSESSION MATERIALS1912.106/19/2019 
Presentation - New Biller/Remittance AdvicePDFSESSION MATERIALS2477.206/01/2019 
Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) District 3 NH Contact Log (updated 2.23.2019) Part 1PDFALL CATEGORIES163.105/24/2019 
Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) District 3 NH Contact Log (updated 2.23.2019) Part 2PDFALL CATEGORIES181.205/24/2019 
Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) District 6 NH Contact Log (revised 4.15.2019)PDFALL CATEGORIES229.205/24/2019 
Presentation - Common Forms Workshop - May 2019PDFSESSION MATERIALS3139.205/01/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Autism Spectrum Disorder ServicesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2375.904/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Billing 101PDFMEDICAID FAIRS1325.604/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - CMO Breakout SessionPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3654.904/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Common DenialsPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2728.804/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Continuous Program Improvement (CPI)PDFMEDICAID FAIRS1040.804/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS)PDFMEDICAID FAIRS1415.904/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Georgia Clinical Quality Measures ProjectPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2373.604/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Helpful Enrollment TipsPDFMEDICAID FAIRS236.504/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Hospice ServicesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1845.104/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Hospital and Physicians ServicesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS1846.204/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Nursing Facility Services & PASRRPDFMEDICAID FAIRS3880.704/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Promoting Interoperability (PI) ProgramPDFMEDICAID FAIRS2239.704/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Provider Appeal ProcessPDFMEDICAID FAIRS253804/22/2019 
Medicaid Fair April 2019 - Waiver Program UpdatesPDFMEDICAID FAIRS564.504/22/2019 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - April 2019PDFNURSE AIDE693.404/03/2019 
Upcoming Changes to 835 Code Reporting (CAQH/Core Rule 360)PDFALL CATEGORIES55.203/15/2019 
Presentation - EPSDT/Health Check Services - March 2019PDFSESSION MATERIALS1380.203/01/2019 
Presentation - Durable Medical Equipment/Orthotic & Prosthetic Services - February 2019PDFSESSION MATERIALS887.702/26/2019 
Presentation - CCSP and SOURCE programs - January 2019PDFSESSION MATERIALS128901/11/2019 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - January 2019PDFNURSE AIDE700.101/03/2019 
2018 Workshop PresentationsZIPSESSION MATERIALS19314.701/01/2019 
2019 CPT Psych Testing Code Update for CBHRS/COS 440 Providers PDFALL CATEGORIES13012/28/2018 
2019 Autism Code Crosswalk - ExcelXLSXALL CATEGORIES29.412/22/2018 
2019 Autism Code Crosswalk - PDFPDFALL CATEGORIES123.512/20/2018 
Presentation - Crossover Claims and Common DenialsPDFSESSION MATERIALS255412/10/2018 
Medicaid Fair November 2018 PresentationsZIPMEDICAID FAIRS4117211/30/2018 
Presentation - Waiver EnrollmentPDFSESSION MATERIALS590.610/22/2018 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - October 2018PDFNURSE AIDE601.410/01/2018 
Presentation - Pediatric Hospice Care PDFSESSION MATERIALS3078.909/28/2018 
Planning for Health Babies PostcardPDFALL CATEGORIES516.309/25/2018 
Edit 2017 Bypass Logic for Neonate ClaimsPDFALL CATEGORIES21.108/08/2018 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - July 2018PDFNURSE AIDE594.107/01/2018 
Fee-For-Service (FFS) Inpatient Billing Instructions for Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) DevicesPDFALL CATEGORIES93.806/01/2018 
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