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Alliant Health Solutions offers a variety of training resources to educate the Medicaid Provider community regarding the Prior Authorization (PA) submission process, prior authorization and waiver review process, and other review policies and procedures. On this web page, you will find training offerings, user manuals, review reference materials and links to other training resources. Alliant Health Solutions has the tools to assist you in getting the job done!

If you are a parent/guardian, want to request for reconsiderations of decisions for GAPP or KB Prior Authorizations, please click the below link
Request for Reconsiderarion of decision
Training Offerings
CCSP Provider Web Training
ICWP Request Web Entry Training
MDS Home Care Training for SOURCE
Nursing Facility Mechanical Ventilation Services Webinar
CMO PA Submission via the Web Portal
The Basics of Medicaid Prior Authorization - Precert 101
CCSP Contact Us Presentation
SOURCE Services PA Web Entry
SOURCE Services PA PowerPoint Presentation
DMA 6 Completion and New Admissions
ICD-10 CM Overview
Behavioral Health Web Entry Training
Autism PA Submission and Viewing
PASRR Training for CSU Providers
ICWP New Provider Training Electronic Visit Verification
GAPP Provider Training
June 2023 - ICWP New Provider Training Materials
User Manuals
Provider Workspace User Manual
GAPP Sentinel Event Entry
Attach Files to a PA Request
Children's Intervention Services Reconsiderations
PASRR User Guide
PreAdmission Screening Form DMA613 Form
FFS Autism User Guide
FFS Autism User Guide
FFS Administrative Review User Guide
Behavioral Health Frequently Asked Questions
FFS PA Web Entry Manual
CMO Behavioral Health Provider User Manual
Attach Utilization Review Plans
Provider Correspondence Slide Presentation
Provider Correspondence
Nursing Facility Mechanical Ventilation Services
SOURCE Level of Care Process and Web Entry
SOURCE Frequently Asked Questions
Katie Beckett Web Portal Submission
Katie Beckett PA Submission Guide
Katie Beckett Web Portal Submission user manual
Tips for Entering Hospital Outpatient Therapy PAs
CMO PA Web Submission Manual
SOURCE Search and File Attachment
SOURCE Services PA Web Submission Guide
ICWP Sentinel Event Submission
NOW/COMP LOC Web Submission Instructions
ICWP New Biller
How to update a CMO PA
Source Services Edit Report User Guide
CMO Users - Contact Us Instructions
ICWP ICD-10 Frequently Used Codes
CMO O&P Hearing Manual
ICWP ALS Application and Referral Process
NOW_COMP PA Training Guide
SURS Studies - Provider Chart Upload Instructions
FFS Medical Claims Appeals (DMA-520A) Web Entry Manual
FFS Outlier Web Entry Manual
Pre-Pay Review - General Overview
Pre-Pay Review - Behavioral Health (DBHDD) Providers Overview
Attach Records for UCR Reviews
How to View Alliant Medical Claims Review Notes - DBHDD Reviews
How to View Alliant Medical Claims Review Notes
PA, Waiver and Medical Claims Review Materials
August 2023 Enhanced Case Manager List
Review Turnaround Times
PA Types and Category of Service
Review Types Handled by Alliant/GMCF
SOURCE Frequently Asked Questions
MMS PA Data Dictionary
CIS Frequently Asked Questions
ICWP Providers
Online Testing
Codes for Testing
Links to Other Resources
Aging and Disablity Resource Connection Contacts
Children's Medical Services Offices in Public Health Districts
Overview of Children's Medical Services
DAS SOURCE Discharge Planning and Referrals
SOURCE Train the Trainer Discharge Planning
SOURCE Train the Trainer Agenda
Georgia - Transit Service by County
Contact Medicaid Field Rep
Peer Consultant / Allied Health Professional Workspace
Alliant Health Solutions Website