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  Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Provider Notices (more than 150 available) List

Provider Notices (more than 150 available)

 TitleFile TypeCategorySize (KB)Release Date 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - January 2022PDFNURSE AIDE644.601/01/2022 
Presentation - New Biller Remittance Advice - January 2022PDFSESSION MATERIALS3622.901/01/2022 
Presentation - Medicaid Autism Services - December 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1263.412/15/2021 
Appendix K Amendment NoticePDFALL CATEGORIES274.512/10/2021 
FAQ - Basic Web Portal Functionality and AccessPDFFAQ FOR PROVIDERS17512/10/2021 
Presentation - Change of Information Form - November 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS60711/23/2021 
Presentation - Crossover Claims - November 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS2161.811/01/2021 
Presentation - Appendix K - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS482.910/28/2021 
Presentation - CMO Updates - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS2862.510/28/2021 
Presentation - Common Denials - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1389.510/28/2021 
Presentation - COVID 19 - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1273.910/28/2021 
Presentation - COVID 19 - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1304.210/28/2021 
Presentation - DCH EVV - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS713.110/28/2021 
Presentation - Opening Session - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1213.110/28/2021 
Presentation - Provider Appeals Process - Fall Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS4496.310/28/2021 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - October 2021PDFNURSE AIDE716.210/01/2021 
Presentation - Community Behavioral Health Rehabilitation - September 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1162.608/31/2021 
Presentation - ICWP PDFSESSION MATERIALS2586.108/17/2021 
Presentation - Hospital Services - August 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1826.708/01/2021 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter & Quarterly Report - July 2021PDFNURSE AIDE642.807/01/2021 
Presentation - Part 1 Policy Review Webinar - July 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS796.907/01/2021 
Presentation - Physician Services Webinar - June 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS210706/01/2021 
Hospital Outpatient Therapy Services Billing GuidancePDFALL CATEGORIES109.305/25/2021 
Presentation - FQHC-RHC Webinar - May 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS2508.305/01/2021 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - April 2021PDFNURSE AIDE642.404/01/2021 
Presentation - Hospice Eligibility - April 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1460.504/01/2021 
Presentation - 1115 Postpartum Waiver - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS296.203/25/2021 
Presentation - CMO Medicaid Merger - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS377.203/25/2021 
Presentation - Covid-19 - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS65603/25/2021 
Presentation - EVV - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS544.303/25/2021 
Presentation - GA Pathways 1115 Waiver - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS508.303/25/2021 
Presentation - Opening Session - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS784.303/25/2021 
Presentation - Overview Of Common Denials - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1496.403/25/2021 
Presentation - Telehealth Services - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1810.103/25/2021 
Presentation - Waivers Appendix K - Spring Medicaid Fair 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS455.503/25/2021 
Presentation - Medicaid Common Denials - February 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS1802.602/01/2021 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - January 2021PDFNURSE AIDE689.301/01/2021 
Presentation - Waivers - January 2021PDFSESSION MATERIALS2107.201/01/2021 
Evaluation and Management CPT Code ChangesPDFALL CATEGORIES11012/29/2020 
Presentation - Crossover Claims - December 2020PDFSESSION MATERIALS1955.512/01/2020 
Provider Relief Fund - Phase 3 General DistributionPDFALL CATEGORIES110.710/06/2020 
Nurse Aide Registry Adverse Findings Letter and Quarterly Report - October 2020PDFNURSE AIDE688.610/01/2020 
Presentation - Independent Lab Genetic Testing Prior Authorization RequestPDFSESSION MATERIALS2106.309/23/2020 
Presentation - Autism Disorder Services - September 2020PDFSESSION MATERIALS1692.409/01/2020 
Presentation - Hospital Inpatient Part B Only - August 2020PDFSESSION MATERIALS169208/14/2020 
Presentation - Medicaid Hospital Workshop - August 2020PDFSESSION MATERIALS1078.108/10/2020 
Presentation - COVID-19 Appendix K: Retainer Payment Reimbursement Changes - August 2020PDFSESSION MATERIALS1014.408/07/2020 
Appendix K & COVID-19 Reference MaterialsZIPALL CATEGORIES6764.908/06/2020 
Presentation - Part 1 Policy Review - July 2020PDFSESSION MATERIALS1037.207/23/2020 
Presentation - Georgia Medicaid Provider Assistance Meeting (PAM) - July 2020PDFSESSION MATERIALS2626.207/13/2020 
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